Word Download – New Toolbars New Menu but You Still Have to Type Yourself

by Matt on January 22, 2011

Most Computers still run on older Software and require undoubtedly updates. Almost all software can be downloaded from the net. Sometimes a Word download can take forever, if your connection is slow. When you download big software packages, you regularly have the same problem and additionally of course the expenses.

However, if you need to be updated, you have to bite the bullet. Recently I received more and more .docx files, which are at the moment in the most recent Word version 2007 the standard. I had to update my software, to be able to keep up with my partners. After I ran the just now installed Word, I was a little bit shocked. Things were really different now. I was sitting here in front of my computer, wondering, how I even could be able to build a new file or open an existing one.

The User Interface was so different from the average windows style. All large software packages look somehow similar since a long time. We need typical elements on the GUI, like a main menu and a toolbar. Microsoft set an example with the look. Every GUI contained a main menu and the menu tabs were mostly labeled identical. In the 2007 version of the Word download is a menu, but the tabs are uncommon. The most important tab, the “File” tab is missing. What does that mean? Don’t I need to Open or Save my files any longer? How could I understand that? Than on a second glance, I realized a round push button with the Microsoft logo on it in the upper left corner. As I pointed the mouse at it, a popup menu came up, showing the contents of the former file menu.

I was so glad seeing that button.  At least I was able to open a file and to save it. At this point I tried to have an overview of the newest functions. I started searching, but I did not notice any new functions. Microsoft always understood it to cover the superior functions well. There could be new ones, but I didn’t find out any. One feature on the other hand is extremely noticeable and that is the new arrangement of the toolbars. The older Word versions had this box with commands popping up, when clicking the menu tab. Additional to this the toolbar offered the same functions. All was twice and so too sometimes confusing.

After the Word download it was apparent right away, that this had changed now. All functions are merely accessible once and the click on a menu tab automatically produces the right toolbar below the menu tabs. All is a good deal better ordered, but you have to get used to it, since the menu tabs are named differently and all is ordered by task and not anymore by topic.

Upgrading with the Word download to version 2007 was certainly the correct choice.  Even though, that it took quite some time to get used to the fresh organization of the functions, it was worth the money as well as the time. Changing the design of this software was in my view a positive idea.

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