What To Do When Microsoft Word Is Not Responding?

by Matt on April 4, 2011

You have probably encountered this dilemma many times before – when your Microsoft Word document is not responding. It is important that you find an appropriate solution for this problem as it exposes you to any one of the following risks. First, it could risk any data or document that you are processing to get lost permanently. Second, it could result in your files being corrupted, such that even if you are able to recover them, then it might not work properly. And finally, it could also cause your computer to lag or might require some troubleshooting before you can proceed working on it.

There are literally a hundred features on the Microsoft Word program, which is why its tendency to freeze is inevitable, especially if you are dealing with a large document. But while it might be an expected occurrence, it does not mean that there is no way to deal out of it. A bit more insight into how to deal with a “Not Responding” bug will enable you to address this problem more efficiently in the future.

First off, you will now when you have experienced the Microsoft Word Not Responding bug since you can see the message “Not Responding” at the top of the menu bar, next to the file name. At this point, you will also notice that the cursor has turned into an hour glass and have stopped moving even if you try to move the mouse. When this happens, the first thing you want to do is close the application and then re-launch it. You can do this via the task manager at the task bar wherein you can select the program you want to terminate.

Although the above step is recommended, you must be aware that there is a possibility you could lose some of the data on your document. Hence, it is recommended that you save your Microsoft Word document from time to time such that you will not lose all of your progress whenever MS Word crashes or suffers from this bug.

Another reason why the software program will crash or experience this type of error is when there are third-party apps. If this is the reason why your software program is experiencing such problems, then you need to disable all plug-ins from third party and choose to work on your Microsoft Word via Safe Mode. This means that it will involve no additional plug-ins that could slow down or cause your documents to crash.

Once you are able to access to the document again, then make sure to save your work before you lose any more data. If you want, then you can enable some plug-ins (not all at the same time), and observe if it affects the performance of your Microsoft Word program when handling documents. You can also try to activate the plug-ins on purpose to see if this is causing any problems, as opposed to when you have them disabled. Make sure to use this information such that you can effectively deal with the Microsoft Word Not Responding bug in the future.

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