Office Word: Various Document Formatting Options

by Matt on February 19, 2011

The Microsoft Office Word program is one of the most popular and reliable software out there for document processing. But aside from the basic documents, you can also prepare a variety of documents here such as flyers, brochures, and business cards. All you have to do is explore the many text styling features available for this MS Office program. Read further below to find out more information on how you can explore them.

Document Styles

Why would you want to use of document styling? MS Office Word enable you to make your document look good or incorporate various designs to suit your purpose. You can choose from professionally typeset that are divided into different categories:

Headings – These are texts that are available in a font that contrast from the body and make it easily recognizable.

Paragraphs – It is separated with a white space in between each paragraph to make the texts easier to read and organize.

Elements – These are bullets with slight indentation to make points in a document more visually clear.

Text colors – This is done for added emphasis on parts of a document, especially long ones.

 There are more document styling features available in Microsoft Office Word, depending on your intent and you must take the time to explore each one.

Direct Formatting

There is a direct formatting option available in MS Office Word such that you can integrate any of these special text effects and styles onto a document. For instance, you wanted to change the heading for a document. All you have to do is select the chosen text that you wanted to change the format for, then choose the “Bold” formatting option. You might also want to choose a larger font size to make the heading stand out even more. This will not only make your heading clearer, but also enable you to achieve a more professional look to your document.

If you want to create subheadings, then you can choose a variety of styling options for the text to make the subheadings visible in a long document. You can choose the Bold, Underline, or Italicize options for styling the text, whichever you prefer. Depending on which version of the Microsoft Office Word you are using to process a document, then you could have more or less styling or text formatting options available.

However, you need to be aware that it can be difficult to update documents that contain direct formatting. There are new formatting choices available to choose from and be applied into a document once you want to change the look of that particular document.

What Styles are Available?

Style for a document basically refers to the formatting characteristics that you have employed to all or certain areas of the document. These characteristics include font size, font color, paragraph alignment, type of font, and spacing (in between each paragraph). There are even option available to apply shading or borders to your document, if you want to use them.

Be careful when exploring any of these styling and formatting choices in  MS Office Word, especially when you are dealing with professional or business documents. You want to make sure that the styling formats you apply do not obstruct the reader from what the document contains. Only use these styling formats to enhance the document and not divert the attention of the reader.

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