MS Word 2010 Updated Features

by Matt on February 1, 2011

The MS Word program from the Microsoft Office software suite is one of the most popular programs utilized by computer users worldwide. Indeed, it has a huge array of features for preparing, editing, and making various types of documents. Read further below to find out about the updated list of features for this software program.

  1. Enhanced themes – The 2010 MS Word version features more themes to choose from such that you can choose one according to your own style preference. You can therefore apply the chosen theme to the overall Page Layout for the document that you are preparing. You can choose from these various themes from a gallery.
  2. Customized quick access tool bar – This particular updated feature for 2010 MS Word version display all options that are commonly used in this MS Office program. You will find it on the left side of the application window. By default, you will have three options available: Save, Undo, and Redo. However, with this updated feature, you can customize it according to the options you want to display.
  3.  Navigation Pane – Unlike previous versions of the MS Word wherein you need to press Ctrl+F when you need to look for a specific word or phrase in the document. However, this enhanced feature will show up on the left side of the screen to give you with three types of views to choose from: Thumbnail Page View, Heading View, and the Search Results.
  4.  Improved collaborations – This is an excellent feature in the MS Word system that enables co-authoring ability. Hence, you can give rights to another author to edit a given document simultaneously. All you have to do is specify how many authors are allowed to edit a document and you can save changes you have done to the document.
  5.  Additional Word Art Effects – WordArt for Microsoft Word is useful when preparing brochures, flyers, or similar types of documents. Hence, you will have more choices available to prepare more art-oriented documents with various styles of fonts and text arts. There is not only an enhanced list of options but new colorful art effects available.
  6. Paste preview – The enhanced MS Office system for 2010 now makes it easier to paste texts to your document. There is now a Paste Preview option wherein you can see which text is pasted onto your document to avoid accidental pasting which prompts you to erase all you have pasted and wasting more of your time.
  7.  Screen Capture – There is no need to employ a third-party tool to capture screenshots since 2010 version of Microsoft Word now features its own Screen Capture tool. All you have to do is go to the “Insert” option and choose “Screenshot” to activate this particular function.

Protected Mode – Another useful enhanced feature for this software program is the enhanced security features when accessing your document. Whenever your document is downloaded on the internet, it prevents other people from editing the content of your document. Instead, only you can manually edit the file from your Word program, which will guarantee protection for your intellectual property.

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