Microsoft Excel Macros – Reasons to Learn

by Matt on February 26, 2011

Microsoft excel has made life simply for many people who maintain accounts and finance. Those days of manual accounting are now replaced by Microsoft excel. There are almost 400 million users of Microsoft excel all around the globe. This tool is nothing but a spread sheet which is a collection of rows and columns which help user do computations and keep track of their finance.

The use of the application can be enhanced with Macros, which is one other feature offered by Microsoft excel to automate the process. This is nothing but a visual basic for applications script or simply VBA script that runs at the background. The spreadsheet has lot of data which is neither formatted nor analyzed, this macros will lend user a hand to both format the data and also analyze it for their easy computations.

The main advantage of macros is that it reduces manual effort to a great extent as automation saves both manual effort and time. Using macro one can read the data present in the excel sheet, do some mathematical operations on the data, output the results of the calculations into another spreadsheet, the user can also use the form feature offered by visual basic with which they can force the people who are going to use their Microsoft excel sheet to fill in some data which can be used in further reference. Using macros not just generating outputs becomes easy, analyzing outputs also becomes easier. This is one tool is one which has reduced man power and increased the use of feature offered by Microsoft excel.

Microsoft Excel offers more simplicity and stability to the user and also it helps them minimize the physical efforts. Few years back writing programming and other things were not so easy job and only qualified professionals could do that. But writing Microsoft excel macros is very simple that anyone in this world can write it. Even people without any programming knowledge can write it.

The help offered by Microsoft Excel itself is more than enough for the user to get all the knowledge that they need to write a macro in Excel. There are some standard macros are also available in excel the user can make use of them or they can write their own macro and integrate it with Microsoft excel.

There is no formal training for macros, it is just a simple thing which you can learn when you try to use them and you can simply check it on youtube for video tutorials on macros. Macros are simple thing which an user can do by trial and error and discover it on their own. Learning Macros can be a change for anyone from their usual routine boring work, this can be a learning experience as well as a research experience. This learning will not only reduce the physical effort but also will provide some fun and any people who love mathematics will surely love this learning. In one simple sentence this is a simple feature but provides fun, saving of effort and time also.

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