MS Word Download Step by Step Guide

by Matt on March 2, 2011

Microsoft Word is the most popular program within the Microsoft software suite. After all, it is equipped with numerous features for basic to complex document processing. You can perform MS Word download from the internet if you cannot find a CD installation package within your local computer shop.

 However, the simplicity (or complexity) of the download and installation process will vary depending on the version that you are planning to install onto your PC. This process is relatively easy to do if you know the steps involved. Here is a step by step guide in performing MS Word download.

 First off, you need to make sure that you have all the things required to perform MS Word download. There are three things that you need, which are: computer, internet browser, and a reliable internet connection.

You can perform the download process whether you have a Windows or MAC OS operating system. However, it is important to carefully choose a version of the MS Word program that would be compatible with the operating system of your computer to guarantee that it will work smoothly. It is therefore important to look into the specific technical requirements on your PC before you launch the website on your browser or begin the download process.

Microsoft will offer a test drive application for the word processing suite and this is available for download by users who wanted to conduct a test download. You can visit the official Microsoft website for the link to the wizard and make sure to press the “Launch Test Drive” button to begin the download process.

 There is also a 60-day free trial version for the MS Word system. Visit the official download link and follow the on-screen prompt. The MS Word download process will work out smoothly if you follow the instructions.

 Once you have finished the MS Word download, you can begin with the installation of the software program on your computer hard drive. You must launch the application by pressing the ‘Start’ button and the ‘All Programs’ option. Under the Microsoft Office category, choose Microsoft Word in order to access the version of the software suite you have chosen.

 This is one of many options available at the official Microsoft Download center that gives users several choices for software programs from the MS office. You must also specify where you will save the downlad file once it finishes the download. You can therefore access the program files from the folder where you have saved the file. If you follow all the instructions given at the prompt during the installation process, then you should encounter no problem with the MS Word download.

 You can now perform a sample test run on the Microsoft Word program to see if you have done the download correctly. If not, then you can go back to the top to repeat the entire process. If you have trouble with the MS Word download process, then you can contact customer service staff at Microsoft for assistance.

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