MS office download – Things to know before Downloading MS Office

by Matt on May 20, 2011

The latest Microsoft office version is 2010 and that is available in the Internet for the users. The user can do MS office download via the Internet, the user can initially use the trial version and then can upgrade to the full version. MS office download from Internet is a simple process, prefer downloading from the Microsoft official website. Though there are lot of websites with offer MS office download, its safe, secure and faster when you do it from the Official Microsoft website. The latest version of Microsoft office is Microsoft office 2010 professional with this version you can do drafting of letters, designing sheets, write novels, documents, project work and create reports.

Compared to the previous Microsoft office versions like 2000, 2003 and 2007, Microsoft office 2010 has greater performance and features to offer and the Graphical User Interface or simply GUI has improved to a great extent. The packages or the softwares that are bundled to make Microsoft office still remains the same, meaning Microsoft word, Microsoft excel,  Microsoft powerpoint,  Microsoft access and Microsoft FrontPage are the software which form the Microsoft office package. Nothing new has been added in the list of softwares though there are changes added in the individual packages to make them better. The user can do a MS office download from Internet, but buying the Microsoft office installation CD from the Internet still is the safe way as you can always reinstall if you have CD with you.

There are many websites in Internet and web portals which offer MS office download and the provide crack for the same. These things can help you save money that you spend paying for the license but these versions that you get are all pirated and its unethical and illegal. Moreover most of the websites which claim that they offer MS office download with crack are all interested in hacking your system and adding virus into your system. Thus don’t do such thing and add yourself into the list of people who got affected by virus.

There is no use in explaining how good the new User Interface is in Microsoft Office 2010, compared to Microsoft office 2003 version Microsoft office 2007 version had a good Graphical User Interface and Microsoft office 2010 has grown in leaps and bounds and provides a far better graphical user interface than you can think of. Though there are many packages which claim they offer same features as that of Microsoft office, personally speaking there is none which is on par with Microsoft office both in performance and easiness to use.

The features that are offered by Microsoft office is the most commonly used and expected features. The Microsoft team has put in all the hard work to ensure that none of the feature that is needed is missed and none of the unused features are present. Simply speaking do a MS office download simply make your life simple with the help of this software. This is the best Microsoft office package which with Windows seven can provide the user the best feel of graphical user Interface and is the best example of why Microsoft rules the software world.

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