MS Excel – How To Import Data

by Matt on June 14, 2011

The Microsoft Excel program offers several useful features such as preparing spreadsheets and other similar documents. It is no wonder why many would want to perform MS Excel download due to the number of beneficial features they can avail of. But before you do that, take the time to learn more about the many use you can make with the worksheet, such as importing, exporting, or linking data from your MS Access to the MS Excel program.

Importing Data

When you perform MS Excel download, you will have the ability to import all data stored in Access to your MS Excel worksheet. This will make your life convenient in terms of handling information from your Access database. Upon the completion of importing data, a new table will be generated containing the imported data without necessarily altering the file source.

For those who will be doing this process for the first time, there are important guidelines you must observe. First off, you cannot save your worksheet through the Access database. You cannot save the Excel worksheet through Access using the Excel data. You must begin the importing by launching the Access database and then creating a blank database to start the importing operation.

Then, you must identify the new location for the imported data. If you do not want to overwrite any existing database, choose the “create an empty database without using the Database wizard”.  To begin importing, go to File < Get External Data < Import. The Get External Data prompt will become visible only if you open a database. Once the Import dialog box is open, choose Microsoft Excel as the file type.

Exporting Data

Another useful feature that you can enjoy when you perform ms excel download is the ability to export data. There are times wherein your data in Access must be transferred to Excel. A common example is when you have prepared a report and you want others to see it via the spreadsheet format. Or, better yet, you want to utilize the analysis features of excel to analyze some data. However, only data that are in report, form, table, or query format are able to be exported.

You must begin by selecting the file you wish to export and then choose where you want to start the exporting of data. However, this cannot be done with data that are in SQL or Design view. Then, determine where you want the exported data to be stored after the completion of this operation.

Linking Data

If in case you do not want to maintain a copy of either the exported or imported data, you can opt to link your Access database with that of the MS Excel file. By linking, you can view the Access database without necessarily going through the importing process. Whenever you update your Excel spreadsheet, all the changes you have done will become visible on the linked table at the Access program.  There are a few advantages that linking has over importing files such as the ability to see the updates you made on the file through the linked table. There are far more features available once you perform ms excel download, so make sure you explore them.

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