Microsoft Word download steps

by Matt on April 14, 2011

Microsoft office is one package which serves everyone’s official needs and it has been a famous package for more than a decade. Microsoft word is one application that is a part of this Microsoft office package which helps the user to save their documents. To say it simply Microsoft word is a word processing application, where the user is allowed to create, edit, save and resume documents which is files containing textual information. Now we are going to discuss Word download procedure

Word download can be done in two ways; either get the Microsoft office installation CD and install using it. The second option for MS word download can be done by getting setup file from the Internet. In this article we will see how user can download the Microsoft word from the Internet. The latest version of Microsoft word offers lot of features like connection to Microsoft sharepoint server and allows the user to directly share the document in the Internet or publish it as a blog. There are lot of websites and portals using which the user can use to download Microsoft word.

Before Word download, the user should decide which version is compatible for their PC and usage and the compatibility and minimum requirements that needs to be met for each version of Microsoft can be checked on line in Microsoft’s official website. The user should also have their anti virus working at full swing to ensure that there is virus that is accompanied while the user downloads the setup file from the Internet and also downloading from official Microsoft website eliminates risks.

Microsoft also offers the user test drive version of Microsoft word download. The uer launch test drive button and get started with the test drive. This test drive is free of cost and the user can check it free and then decide whether it will really be of any help to them. The user canĀ  download the 60 days trial version for free of cost and get used to the Microsoft environment and then they can decide to upgrade it to full version or uninstall the Microsoft word from their computer. Installing the word that the user has downloaded is very simple, the user just needs to follow the instructions that are shown by the installer that gets launched when the user double clicks the downloaded installable. If the user has a good configuration PC then the benefits from Microsoft word download will be maximum.

Though the user can perform trial version of word download from any website but when you want to download the full version of Microsoft word prefer the official website of Microsoft and no other websites, because there are other fake websites which says it will give you pirated version of Microsoft word but there is also lot of potential danger in getting some virus into your system. The best thing to do is download word as a trial version and then upgrades it to the original version. The user can download the demo setup and then can pay on line for the full version and upgrade to the full version. This is not a complicated procedure and also this is simply for any user who has been using windows for quite sometime.

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