Microsoft Office – Uploading to Media Center

by Matt on May 26, 2011

Uploading Microsoft Office in media center or any PC running Microsoft operating system is not a complicated process. Any user who has been using Microsoft operating systems off late can easily install Microsoft Office in their PC. 

First turn on your PC and then let the windows load and then find your Microsoft Office installation disc. Insert the Installation disc into the PC and wait for the auto play to launch. If the auto play is not starting then you can manually explore the CD disc and select the setup file and double click it. The installation dialogue box will launch and from then on its very easy as it is a guided installation procedure. The setup will ask for the Software key code, which is usually present in the startup kit or many people would prefer to write it on the CD disc itself.

The best thing to do about the installation code is to store it in a notepad file and save it along in a new CD so that it will be easy for the user to enter the installation code. Once the installation code is given it will ask for the path where the software needs to be installed once the user specifies the path, then the user will be asked for typical or custom install. Typical install will install the package with the commonly used setting and custom install will allow the user to select the software and also there is an extension where the user can pick features in the particular software.

Its better to install Microsoft Office in typical install mode if you are a beginner and if you are really sure what you are doing and if you know well about Microsoft office then you can really do a custom install. There are certain cases where the user might have lost the installation code. Of course the user can always get the pirated keys from the Internet but that is unethical and illegal.

No two computers can run software with the same installation key. There are many tools like Magic Jelly Bean which will help the user retrieve their installation code, so that they neither lose their money spent on that software nor get a pirated version after losing their actual installation code. There are sometimes where the installation CD itself will be damaged or lost. You can always get a copy of Microsoft Office disc from your friend or colleague and use your own installation serial code. You can also take a copy of your friend’s disc or you can even download the setup from the Internet and use it with your installation serial code. As long as you have your authentic installation serial key you can use any Microsoft Office setup disc to install the same on your PC. It is always advisable to have a copy of the setup disc in your PC or in another Disc. This is the best procedure to save yourself from searching for setup disc from others. In simple words installing Microsoft office on your PC is a simple task if you follow the instructions as shown in the installation dialogue boxes.

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