Microsoft Excel – How to embed charts

by Matt on May 6, 2011

Microsoft Excel is very useful tool when you require extracting data from a particular worksheet and putting as chart containing the data within the worksheet. This kind of chart or Embedded charts is very constructive to manipulate data. Here we are going to discuss how to prepare chart and how to customize it-

When you need to make a chart, the first thing you should choose to do is to assimilate the data you need to put in the chart. With the help of Microsoft Excel make sure you make proper labels for the rows and columns. Do not make the mistake of putting any empty cells or some other unimportant cells in the chart.

When you are done selecting the data you want to incorporate in the chart, choose the chart that suits your requirement. Microsoft Excel has to offer a wide range of charts to choose from. Some of the charts are Pie chart, Bar chart, Area chart, Scatter chart, Column chart, Pyramid chart. In order to select a particular chart click the Chart type button and keep on to click the down arrow button to scroll down and get the one you want.

Microsoft Excel prepares a chart you choose with your provided data and places it at the top of your data. The chart thus, created will have eight boxes to specify the important regions of the chart.

When you need to choose a kind of chart, just click on the type chart with your left mouse button. You can always change the type of the chart according to your requirement by clicking the chart type button and selecting one.

Now comes your turn to place the prepared chart to go with your data. Microsoft Excel always places the chart at the top of the data provided. You have to move the chart and place it in a position of your choice. For this click on the chart and holding the left mouse button pressed drag the chart to the required position you want.

If you want to resize the charts, Excel enables you to do so. To perform the action, you need to click on the chart with the help of the left mouse button. This activates the chart. Once you are done then move the cursor to the eight handles provided in the chart. When you are in the correct position the arrow of the cursor will automatically turn to double headed one and you can resize the chart according to your requirement. If you can select a handle present at one of the corners you can resize from both sides.

The last thing is to save it in the Microsoft Excel. This is just plain and simple, just press the save button and you are done. The Embedded chart is prepared. If you open the file you will find the chart at the exact position you wanted it to be in.

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