Creating Watermarks in 2002 and 2003 MS Word

by Matt on June 3, 2011

The benefits of performing Microsoft Word download are numerous, such as the ability to enjoy advanced document processing features to suit your needs. One such example is the watermarks attribute that you can use to add more visual effects to the document that you are preparing. It is a feature that is available for both the 2002 and 2003 version of the MS Word program.

But how do you use a text watermark? It is actually very simple and make sure that you familiarize yourself with the steps such that you can take full advantage of it after Microsoft Word download.

Launch the Word program and go to Format. Beneath the tab, choose Background and Printed Watermark option. Once the watermark dialog box is shown, you must select Text watermark. Go to the Text box and enter My Watermark. Choose Century Gothic as your font and choose Auto for size. Go for the default setting of Semitransparent in the check box. Once you are satisfied with the settings, simply click the OK button so you can now see the watermark settings on your document.

Another variation to the watermark attributes for the Microsoft Word download program is the picture watermark. You need to follow the same steps as with the text watermark, although with some slight variations to the procedures. Again, launch a new Word document and go to Format > Background > and Printed Watermark. Choose a Picture that you want to use for this document and click on the Insert button such that the picture will appear on your document sheet. Choose Auto for the Scale option and the default Washout setting on the check box. Select OK once you are satisfied with the changes you had done and continue on with your document processing.

You can also change the position of your watermark on the document. Whenever you insert a watermark into a document, it will automatically position at the center of the page. However, you have the option to choose where to place the watermark on the document either on the header or footer. To do this, go to View and select Header and Footer option. This will allow you to change the watermark but you must select it one at a time to apply changes. For text watermarks, go to WordArt option under the Format tab on the Word program. But if you are dealing with a picture watermark, go to Format and select Picture. Then, you can select between Horizontal or Vertical when applying position attributes for your watermark effect.

Finally, you can also set which page the watermark will appear in when you are preparing multiple pages of document. With the Word program open, simply click the top of the page where you do not want the watermark to appear. Then, go to Insert and choose Break. You will therefore be taken to another set of sub-options wherein you must choose Section Break Types and head on to Next Page before you click OK.

There are indeed numerous settings and document attributes that you can enjoy with MS Word program, such that you can specify them according to your needs. If you choose to make a Microsoft Word download, then you can enjoy these many features.

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