Can Your Word Version Read docx Files? After a Microsoft Word Download It Will Be Able to

by Matt on January 22, 2011

Like the majority of the computer users, I too have a hard time to be up to date, when it comes to computer software. Nearly all software can be downloaded from the net. Sometimes a Microsoft Word download can take eternally, if your connection is slow. When you download large software packages, you regularly have the same trouble and in addition of course the expenses.

Whatever you do, you have to invest a little bit time and money. After some experiences, that my Word version was not able anymore to recognize .doc files, which are now called .docx files, from my business partners, I decided to prepare the Microsoft Word download and I upgraded to Word 2007. After I started the just now installed Word, I was a little bit surprised. The whole thing, yes really everything had been changed. I was not capable to find anything anymore. Even the easy task to open a file was not possible.

The style of the new Word had altered entirely. All big software packages appear in some way similar since a very long time. We have normal elements on the GUI, like a main menu and a toolbar. Microsoft set a standard with the appearance. What I would like to say is, that the names at the main menu tabs were the same. I could see a main menu, but the labels at the tabs were confusing and unusual. The File tab, which was the first in the menu is not present anymore. How shall I understand that? Don’t I need to Open or Save my files anymore? How could I understand that? While looking at it a little more closely, I found a round push button with the Microsoft Logo on it. As I pointed the mouse at it, a popup menu appeared, showing the contents of the former file menu.

I was so pleased seeing that button.  Now I could open and save a file. After this first obstacle I started searching around, to get an general idea about the new functions. I started looking, but I did not see any new functions. Well, there might be some, but then they are concealed well, like many of the more powerful functions at all times have been. One thing on the other hand is very visible and that is the new order of the toolbars. The Microsoft standard until now was a popup menu which was showing as you clicked a menu tab. In the old toolbar was the equivalent function again. The confusing thing in the previous version was, that the commands were all double.

It was easy to see after the Word download, that this was different now. Now the toolbar is shifting, when a menu tab is clicked. In that way all commands are only one time available. The now newly named tabs open functions, which are ordered by task instead of type. This is much better to comprehend.

It was the correct thing to do, to make this Microsoft Word download.  Despite the fact that it took quite some time to get used to the fresh organization of the functions, it was worth the money as well as the time. Changing the style of this software was in my view a positive idea.

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