Benefits of Excel Download

by Matt on April 10, 2011

Though most of us are acquainted with the word Microsoft Excel or we have MS Excel installed in our computer but very few people know how to fully utilize the amazing features that come with the application. It is a versatile tool. Now, if you want to track your bank statement, house hold finances or keeping records of your home office then excel is an excellent tool. All you need to do is to download excel application. Even beginners can work on it without feeling much complication. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of Excel download.

Suppose you want to keep track of your bank account like you want to follow how many payments you have made or how many payment have you received. In some cases, you may like to know the total amount a particular person got paid, Excel download will make it easy for you. Another example could be where you want to know how much payment you have made for a particular entity in a quarter.

The first step is to download the bank statement in CSV format. Then open a new file in excel. If you don’t have excel installed in your system then download excel first and then open the CSV file. Copy the content from CSV file to new excel sheet.

Sometime you find that the information within a cell is not visible completely. To overcome this, you have to click on the header of each column. You can use “sort” feature to know how many payments you have made to particular entity. There are many excellent features; sort is only one of them.

Another benefit of Excel download is that you can sum up in fraction of a second. Even you can perform complex mathematics in excel as well like calculating loan amounts. Suppose you want to sum up a large number of numerical figures. Now arrange them consecutively in a column. Then select the cells of the column and press the Auto Sum Icon. The calculation is done.

There are other benefits of Excel download. Excel can also enable you to create charts in different format, like bar chart and pie chart, to name a few. You can create tables as well.

With the help of excel you can create profit and loss account file. As excel allows you to create personalized formulas, you need to create these formula first. If you require editing any figure in the file, Excel revises all subsequent cells automatically

If you need help then thousands of tutorials are available online or you may buy some reference books on excel. There are training manuals available at official Microsoft site at free of cost. You can download them and study them or you may also take some free training courses.

Excel is a handy tool because it calculates in no time, even updates all corresponding cells if you change any figure in a particular cell. Be sure, that you have applied correct formula. There are lots of benefits of Excel download, only few have been discussed here.

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