Microsoft Word 2010 – Basic Troubleshooting Guide

by Matt on February 14, 2011

The Microsoft Word has recently received updates and enhancements to its features with the arrival of the 2010 version. Majority of the old features received an upgrade to make it more user-friendly and also enable users to maximize their use of this software suite. As the most productive form of document processing software, many are therefore interested to get this new version.

Despite the advancement of the technology used to develop this software suite, there is bound to be a time wherein it will suffer from technical errors and crash. One of the serious predicaments faced by users of the Microsoft Word 2010 is how to troubleshoot the program. Since it is relatively new, dealing with those technical errors and trying to fix it would cause major trouble. Unlike the old versions wherein you most likely have figured out the technical aspects of, this could take a while of getting used to.

This article will therefore teach you how to perform basic troubleshooting for your Word 2010 software program. The most basic step would be something that all computer users must do – regular maintain and clean your PC. This way, you will be able to optimize the speed and efficiency of the operating system for the Microsoft Word 2010 to avoid lags or errors in the program.

Most computer users would store a number of applications on their computer hard drive. The more memory space is used for storing these applications, the slower your Word program will operate until it crashes. You must also take note of tools, softwares, and add-ons that can cause the Word program to crash once they are embedded into it. Aside from crashing, it might also cause some of the programs or features to not work properly, or become unreliable altogether.

In other times, the Microsoft Word freezes until it crashes. Regardless of which type of problems you are having with your Word program, there is an easy way to fix that problem and ensure that your document processor is back to working smoothly again. You need to start by repairing the Windows registry since it is where all of the information associated with the document processing program is stored. In case you notice disturbances or errors on the registry, then you can make the necessary correction to have it working back to normal again.

There are also a few basic tips that you can try if the above method does not work. You can uninstall the add on for OfficeTab 1.22, if in case it is installed in your PC. If this does not resolve the issue, then you can uninstall any add-on that was recently installed onto your PC.

If neither of the above steps is working for the restoration of your Microsoft Word system, you will need a sophisticated registry repairing utility, especially if the problem is caused by an external document file. This will enable you to fix any file association errors that goes with that particular file. Finally, you can perform a registry scan on your computer to see if there are other corrupted files on the system that needs to be removed or fixed.

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