Microsoft Office Download – Basic Requirements

by Matt on February 6, 2011

The Microsoft Office Suite has received major updates for the 2010 version wherein new features and upgrades are in store. Indeed, current Microsoft users are looking to upgrade their current versions via the Microsoft Office download for the latest version. You can therefore enjoy lots of formats, features, and ease of functionality with this software program. Before you perform the download, it is important to meet a few basic requirements.

Before you perform Microsoft Office download, you must take the time to learn about what are the new features for the Microsoft 2010 Suite. The Office 2010 program is equipped with the same set of features with the Office 2007 program, which includes the ability to create documents in XML formats, small file sizes, among other features. As the leading developer of software suite program for making documents, Microsoft has expanded the capabilities of this software suite to ensure that users can enjoy more benefits from it.

In addition to the file format, the structure of the 2010 version of Microsoft suite has also been changed. The old format ends in .doc but is now changed to .docx for the newer versions of the MS program. The Office 2010 Compatibility pack is now available at the official website for Microsoft. Interested users can check the website and make Microsoft Office download the software onto your computer before it must be installed. The download and installation process itself is quite simple.

There are a few prerequisites that must be met before you can execute Microsoft Office download. The Service Pack 3 (SP3) should be installed for users of the Office XP and Office 2003 program. In addition to the download of this software pack, it is important that critical updates are done on the program to make sure that the Office 2010 Compatibility pack will work smoothly.

However, the users of Office XP need to make three additional updates must be included with the SP3 pack. These updates include the following: KB918420 Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2002, KB917153 update for PowerPoint 2002, and KB917347 update for MS Word 2002. Finally, users of Office 2000 can move onto the Microsoft Office download without the need to make any updates or additional installation.

In terms of system requirements for the Microsoft Office download, there are several supported systems for the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Among those that are approved system that are guaranteed compatible for the 2010 Microsoft Office include Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

Once you complete the Microsoft Office download, make sure that all required updates are installed on your computer before you install the Office 2010 Compatibility pack. Save the downloaded file onto your hard disk and execute the program file by right-clicking on the downloaded icon. Make sure that you restart your computer to ensure that all installations will work properly. When completing the download and installation process, make sure to read all on-screen instructions to ensure that you properly follow the right procedures. You should now be able to enjoy the updated features of the Microsoft 2010 program.

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