All About Microsoft Word

by Matt on May 11, 2011

Microsoft Word is an computer application that is used as word processor. It is one of the components of Microsoft Office System. First version of this component was released in year 1983 and the current version is Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows based systems and for Mac the current version is Microsoft Word 2011. Though it is a component of Microsoft Office, it is sellable as an individual product.

Microsoft Word 95 was the first version based on 32 bit. It was released as a component of Microsoft office 95. Though it was the 6th version, it was named with the year of its release. It was the first version to introduce various new features. This version made spelling error detection easy. The spelling mistake is shown with a red zig-zag underline. The release of Word 98 was completely based on Word 97 version. Along with spell check it included grammar correction indicated by zig-zag underline. From these versions choosing the menus and using shortcut keys was enabled. Functionality of office clipboard was added in the release of Microsoft Word 2001. This version facilitated the use of copy paste function for multiple items.  The 2004 version of Microsoft Word added the new feature of notebook layout view which is used to take notes by typing as well as by voice. Subsequently, each new version came with addition of new features and functions.

Microsoft office 2007 was released in year 2005 and the Microsoft Word 2007 was designed to support both PDF and XPS file formats. These file formats could be save only after manual selection of PDF or XPS. The newer versions of Microsoft Word were built with several new functions such as spelling error correction, grammar correction, dictionary, text editing with copy and paste function as well as an Office Assistant.

WordArt function helps in customizing text in word document. It helps in modifying the text as a title or a watermark along with some graphical effects like shadowing, stretching, skewing or rotating text. User can also give 3D effect to the text as well as used various colors. Various formatting effects can also be added such as making the text bold or underlining it and various other effects. Latest versions of Word came with the feature of bullets and numbering. The user can directly apply these numberings or bullets or by applying a style or template. This feature was significant with the release of MS Office 2007.

The new releases of Microsoft Word enabled the creation of tables. And based on the version the user can use it for simple calculations. Some versions all support formulas. The function of formula is placed on the ribbon in the data section. Clicking on the Formula icon will open the function where the user can enter the required formula. The conventions used in Formula here are similar to the one used in Excel files. This means the formulas are given based on the cell references. These versions are now added with AutoCorrect function. Once the user is done with all the documentations and formatting, the Word document can be printed by using the print function.

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